SpareParts Publisher specializes in various service areas such as the following.

Based On

Data is stored in Enterprise PDM
With the data stored in Enterprise PDM you use the structure you already have, no need for another database.

Images generated by SOLIDWORKS Composer
All the images you need in SpareParts Publisher are generated by SOLIDWORKS composer. All the intellegence is encapsulated in the picture.

Interactive exploded views makes the system incredibly easy to navigate
The user friendly interface is made by clickable images.

Flexible web solution for different platforms
Since the software is web based, there is no certain need for hardware.

Possible to make connections with the CRM/ERP system
When needed it is possible to connect the ERP/CRM system to the SpareParts Publisher

Focus On

Easy for users
The extremely user friendly interface makes it easy for boht administrator and end user to use SpareParts Publisher

Graphic interface
The graphic interface is intuitive and makes navigation easy

Clickable 3D images through the reuse of existing SOLIDWORKS models
Resuing existing 3D models saves lots of time and money

Being able to use both internally and externally
The system is build to give advantages both internally and externally

Saving time for administrator and user
Not needing to search for parts and serials saves a lots of time.

Scalable Solutions

SpareParts Publishing Essentials
Database structure Illustrations
Order Routine and maintenence
ERP integration metadata
SOLIDWORKS Composer Start-up