Why Spare Parts PUBLISHER?

Increasing your share of the available spare part market

1.    Why is there a need for easy to use and web based solution enabling spare part sales?

Increasing market share of available spare part sales is critical to most businesses since spare part sales means high margins managed in the right way. You don’t want local suppliers to benefit from flaws with your systems to manage spare part sales. In today’s competitive environment the added value of your solution is to simplify to your customer. Don’t make your customer spend time with cumbersome processes when product downtime is a crucial factor in a business relationship. Customers in the need of fast access to spare parts need an intuitive solution to buy spare parts from.

2.    What is the challenge to the customer?

The customer can see what spare part is needed but not necessarily what identification the spare part might have. Spare parts PUBLISHER both helps finding the right spare part in a fast and an easy way and also ordering without complicated processes that take time from the core business operation. Spare parts PUBLISHER simply remove the burden from the customer and help the supplier speed up the process. Understanding 3D-models is much easier to the customer compared to 2D-drawings. At the same time the user doesn’t always have a high performance computer that enables the full 3D-possibilities.

3.    What is the challenge to the supplier?

Value selling is based on enabling tools to leverage the value beyond the initial price. Increasing spare part sales is based on providing an added value as a supplier. Traditional spare part systems and methods add lots of time in the process. They are also time consuming in terms of maintenance. Many suppliers struggle with several IT-systems that have limited communication methods or even none. Spare parts PUBLISHER simply speeds up the entire process from identification to order. Managing misunderstandings in sales is very cumbersome and correcting deliveries is costly.

4.    How does Spare parts PUBLISHER solve this need?

Spare parts PUBLISHER enables graphical navigation based on intelligent 3D-models that makes it easy to compare the physical part with the 3D-model on the computer screen. The parts in the BOM are connected graphically with the 3D-parts with hotspot technology. Based on this the user can view 3D-isometric views on any hardware such as laptops, tablets or cellphones.

The solution is focused on the supplier’s reality with systems in 3DCAD, tech pub software, PDM, ERP and spare part solutions, altogether with deficient communication. It’s also based on experience with agile deployment of IT-solutions rather than large scaled projects in a fast evolving world of technology.

3D-models from SOLIDWORKS Premium or any other 3D-CAD system can be used in SOLIDWORKS Composer which produces the data for the PDM-system. The Spare parts PUBLISHER Administrators tool is the core of the system enabling tech pub data and metadata to connect in the user environment. The Administrator tool is the controller between the internal systems and the publishing process.

5.    How is it implemented?

Spare parts PUBLISHER is implemented in phases with a standardized implementation services. With the Quick start approach your system will be ready for data entry and the user experience within 10 days. The next phases involve configuring connections to the PDM and ERP system which boosts the process within 20 days. The system is hosted on a webserver of your choice with MSSQL.